The bypass kit solved the problem that no moving space in two side of the openning.

Before order the bypass track kit,pls check the information below:

*The height from top of the door to the top of the bypass bracket is 296mm(11.7”),you should at least have 14” space for installation.

The gap between two door panel is about 2”.

The only suggestion is to make door panel a littler wider to block the sight For example the opening is 60”,we can make each door panel width 34”.

*The bypass system need drill 3 line holes on the wall.It’s very important to double check the level to make all of them in same height.

*Door panel need to pre-cut a groove(Width 4”;Height 8”) on the middle of the bottom,pls let your door maker finish this job when you order the door.


Full set kit's including:




Track&wall connector*10

Bypass L connector*5

Floor guide*2


How to install bypass system:

Step 1:Drill holes on the wall

Drill first hole for inner track on the wall follow H+43MM(1.69”),H is door panel’s height.

There are two holes on the bypass bracket L1 to tight on the wall,let’s drill holes for the top one first.It’s 244mm(9.6”) between inner track hole and the top hole of the bracket.

 Step 2:Tight the inner track on the wall

Tight the inner track with the first holes we drilled.

 Step 3:Drill holes on the door for wheel

Hang the door panel on the inner track

After we get inner door hanged,let’s drill holes for the outer track

Step 4:

We already drilled top holes for bypass bracket,so let’s tight the bypass bracket on the wall,then drill the second holes and tight the bolts.

Step 5:

Fix two parts bypass bracket together(L1 has two holes on the longer side,L2 has one hole on the longer side),see the photo on our post

Step 6:

Tight the bolts for outer track and the bypass L2 part to get outer track installed.

 Step 7:Hang door panels on the outer track

Step 8:

Install stops on the two end of the track(tips:the stops maybe between the first and second track&wall connector if you don’t want fully open the door panel,pls find the best place for stop before tight track on the wall)

 Step 9:

Fix the anti-jump on the top of the door(the round discs).Anti-Jump can reduce the gap between door and track to make full system safety

Step10:Install floor guides.


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DIYHD Bypass double sliding barn door bi-parting barn door track kit

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